December 31, 2006


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I haven’t done a movie review in a long time so here’s one. “Stay” is poop. This movie is riddled with the worst kind of filmmaking pretentiousness. Even the commentary made me mad.


I had to read a bunch of reviews of this movie to figure out what was going on through the whole thing. The most common explanation was that the whole thing was a dream. I wrote a story in the fifth grade that only made sense when you learned at the end that it was a dream. I got an A and some congratulations from Mr. Brooks. This stupid little trick should not be used past the fifth grade. It’s a gigantic “Just kidding!” at the end of two hours of nonsense. It’s almost as bad as the imaginary friend twist in Fight Club. Here’s the difference: I loved Fight Club even after the stupid twist.

People who think that art is better when it’s hard to understand are wrong. Why? Because I said so. Yes, some brilliant art is painfully hard to understand but that is usually a bi-product, not the crux. People who guard the real meaning of their lyrics so the listener can put their own meaning to them bother me. This movie bothered me in that same way. When I got to the end of this movie I had no more of an idea of what it was about than I did when we started watching it.

Movies that have great surprise endings like Usual Suspects and Sixth Sense make you want to go back and watch them again. The more you watch them the more things you understand and that’s cool. “Stay” made me wish I could un-watch it. That would be the ultimate surprise ending.

Yes, this movie looked great and all that. Just like the fat, ugly girl who has a great personality. Consider yourself presented with the big consolation prize.

We watched the special features hoping for some sort of clue as to the meaning of what we had just witnessed. All through the commentary the guys kept shutting each other up when someone would get close to revealing anything about the plot. They said they didn’t want to ruin the magic of the movie. Right…yeah…magic…got it. Like a magician who can’t tell you which card you picked because that would be so predictable.

Please see this movie. Misery loves company.


  1. sounds like a real winner. next time i’m forced to choose between a venereal disease and a horrible movie, I may opt for this rather than the syphilis . . .

    Comment by Eric — January 5, 2007 @ 9:18 pm

  2. You’d regret that decision very quickly. Go for the Syphillis. Seriously. If you had to watch that AND ‘Last Days’, you’d wish Ebola was one of your options.

    Comment by Angel — January 8, 2007 @ 9:38 pm

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