December 17, 2006

Band names and such.

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I promised Taylor in the comments from a few posts ago that I would tell the stories behind the various band names and album titles so here it goes. Taylor is my brother for those of you who don’t know.

The album “Invention of the Wheel” was obviously named after the song by the same name but the song title has absolutely nothing to do with the lyrics. The original demo that I did for that song was done before I had any real lyrics. So the lyric to the chorus was “The invention of the wheel had them scrambling to deal”. After the lyrics were written I just kept the working title. I think some people think the lyrics to that song are supposed to be sexy but nothing could be further from the truth. It’s supposed to be a lamentation not a recommendation. I guess you could write some sort of Beatles-esque back story to the whole thing since the lyrics are about swingers and the album cover has a wreath of nails combined with the title itself but it was never intended that way.

I had wanted that album to be called “Grandma and the Glue Factory”. Maybe some of you have heard the story about old horses being sent to the glue factory to be turned into glue. Well Angel’s Grandma was very sick a few years ago and her Grandpa made a statement about sending her to the glue factory since she was old and sick, thus the un-used title.

The Formula Kid came from Steve Nowels. I know I’ve told this story before in a previous post but I can’t find it so here it is again. When we were tracking Invention of the Wheel the drum mic we used on Dino’s rack tom was a Senheiser 409. When I was setting it up Dino asked me “What kind of mic is that”? I said “It’s a 409”. Steve chimed in with “Formula Kid”. Which could be interpreted “Formula 409 dude…get it”? So “Formula kid!” became the catch phrase of the band. It took on many meanings but it was used most often right before Dino would count off the first song of any show. In this setting it meant something like “Let’s knock ’em dead” or “Go get ’em tiger” or whatever. So when The Drew Johnson Band decided to change the band name The Formula Kid got the most votes. We thought of it as a super hero sounding name. If you look in the liner notes of Invention of the Wheel you’ll see that our ASCAP publishing company was named Formula Kid Music. Also if you look at the bar code number on that album you’ll see that there’s a 409 in there. That was our little joke.

The name of our “record company” was Angstrom Records. The word angstrom also came from Steve in that same session. He asked me if I could turn his headphones up “just an angstrom”. Of course I had no idea what an angstrom was. Turns out an angstrom is one hundred-millionth of a centimeter.

There was also a question about where the name of my old band Koffterweid came from. There is also a post about that somewhere but I can’t find that one either. It’s “coughed her weed”. I’ll spare you the story on that one.

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